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The Beronworth ‘Worklight’ range provides simple and instant answers for most site work where mains power is not available. It avoids the need for costly generators and cable runs. Using the latest high-efficiency electronic technology, the Worklight units, powered by a battery which yields about the same light as a 100-watt tungsten bulb*. Standard models offer either 4 or 8 hour light output. A two-hour floodlight version is also available. After use simply plug the ‘Worklight’ into the mains and the built-in charger will restore the battery to its maximum capacity, ready for use when it is next needed. The casing is weatherproof and constructed from heavy duty plastic to protect the components from damage and shock.

  • High light output from either a Fluorescent or Quartz Halogen lamp
  • Portable with rugged construction
  • Non-metallic casing and shatterproof lamp housing
  • Maintenance free battery
  • Built-in charger with indicator
  • Clear or red diffuser

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