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Beronworth is an appointed supplier of high-quality uninterruptible power supplies. These products are designed to continue supplying mains power when the normal supply fails. The appliances connected to the UPS do not see any changeover and continue to operate according to the duration specified for the battery support. Once the mains supply is restored, the system recharges the battery and transfers the load back to the mains supply via either filtering equipment or the on-line inverter.

There are several ranges of UPS so that practically every eventuality is catered for. The size of the system depends on the loading and the duration required. Once that information is established, a system or a group of multiple systems can be designed to match the application. There are three main parts to the system and these cover the charger, changeover and the inverter. Under normal conditions, the load is fed from the incoming mains supply whether it goes via the inverter or a static switch. The frequency of the inverter is matched with the mains supply so that if a failure occurs the load is transferred to the battery supply seamlessly.

These systems are widely used in the following applications:

  • Point of sale terminals in shops and stores
  • Computers and telecommunication systems in offices, factories and business premises
  • Essential and critical supplies in financial and banking organisations
  • Life support and operating theatres in hospitals
  • Standby power for government departments and airports

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