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Conversion Packs

These type of units are suitable for inclusion in standard lighting fittings where traditional luminaries are not acceptable or would be difficult to fit.
Typical installations include warehouses and property with false ceilings where these conversion packs can be simply installed into a number of standard lighting fittings to blend into the general decor of the building. Upon mains failure, these fittings continue to be lit and the occupants can make a safe exit.

Decorative Units

These fittings are designed to be installed within a building to provide an attractive appearance in line with the general decor. Maintained and non-maintained units are available and are based upon conventional fluorescent tubes and 3-hour battery packs. The load is transferred to the battery supply seamlessly.

Weatherproof Units

Weatherproof units offer substantial strength against most outside conditions. Construction is in the form of a high-grade aluminium alloy casting.

Weatherproof Units

The “EXIT” range is illustrated with the current ‘running man’ legend and full details of the requirements are specified in Engineering note No1 at the end of this publication.
Beronworth provides a variety of Single Point Units designed specifically to meet the engineers’ requirements. These units are based on British Standards and comply with the necessary regulations to ensure a safe escape from a building in an emergency. These fittings are available in ‘Maintained’ and ‘Non-maintained’ types and twin tube ‘Sustained’ are made to special order.

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