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This range of small central battery systems has been given the title of ‘Mini-Systems’ because they are compact and designed for wall mounting. They are straightforward to connect and contain maintenance-free recombination batteries offering the user at least five years of service before the cells need replacing.

Each system is built specifically for the application in which it will operate and full instructions are issued giving details of connections and battery layout. The charger is designed to maintain the battery in a full charge state ready for operation as soon as the mains supply fails.

For maintained operation, a separate mains transformer can be incorporated during manufacture.

Downlighter Conversion Packs

The “DL” range of products have been designed to provide emergency power to standard quartz-halogen downlighters in the event of mains failure. Outputs from 20 to 100 watts are available, with battery capacities to give either one or three hours duration. Terminals are provided for connection of the existing lighting transformer for maintained operation

The units are supplied in a wall mounting enclosure with mounting holes pre-cut in the back plate for ease of fixing. Electrical connections are made via terminals on the internal circuit board.

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