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This range of charging units has been specifically designed to provide a stable charging environment for standby battery powered equipment. The standard 19” Rack front panel system is offered so that the installer can accommodate the battery and charging system into a rack unit incorporating other matching electronic equipment to be powered.

These chargers feature foldback current limiting which becomes effective if the maximum limit is exceeded. This feature is particularly desirable when the battery, to which this system is connected, is substantially discharged. Once the battery picks up charge, the constant current facility takes over to continue until full charge is achieved. They are fan assisted.

These chargers are based on 24-volt operation, but other voltages can be provided. Several can be connected in parallel to achieve greater capacity thereby coping with the needs of larger battery sets. The master units incorporate battery monitoring circuitry so that indication of possible faults or mains failures can be identified from a remote location.

  • Amplification & PA systems
  • Fire & burglar alarm systems
  • Security Gates and Windows
  • Fire Vents
  • Switch tripping & Closing
  • Essential supplies

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